How will Google Workspace fit into my business?

Here are the 8 steps which we take to ensure Google Workspace will fit into your business!

Step 1: Planning

The first step is to identify your internal change management team, who will work with our team to plan strategy and resources. We’ll coordinate closely with the Project Management and Technical Configuration teams during this planning period.

Step 2: Communication

This part of the process focuses on keeping your users in the loop and getting them excited about the switch to Google Workspace. Typical communications tasks include creating a communications plan, developing an internal campaign for the switch to Google Workspace, and managing those communications.

Step 3: Provisioning

We ensure that all relevant Organisational Units (OU’s), accounts, security or access levels are set up and ready for the deployment.

Step 4: Deployment

Using the built in functionality from Google and trusted 3rd party applications, we will systematically add the various users and ensure that all group emails and aliases are set up within your Google Control Panel.

Step 5: Migration

We will export all the emails, contacts, calendar and data where applicable from your current solution into the newly provisioned Google accounts. We will start with the newest and most strategic data first, so that you can go live and start working in the Google Workspace environment long before everything is transferred.

Step 6: Go-Live

When we reach this predetermined point in the deployment process, we switch all mail routing away from your current solution or whichever provider is currently doing your routing and solely route all email via Google’s MX records.

Step 7: User Training

  • Orientation training is primarily focused on a “how-to” approach where we show the users how to compose email, access their Google Drive, Share Documents etc.
  • Intermediate training is provided at scheduled intervals to highlight the various additional functionality and refining their own Google Workspace experiences with more in-depth looks at functionality of Docs/Sheets/Drive/Forms/Sites.

Step 8: Adoption

We strive to ensure that all Google Workspace users adopt the whole suite of functionality of the various applications and to this end we help with creating new workflows or solutions. As your partner we are there to support you, so we will regularly check in with you to address any potential issues and ensure your organisation has fully adopted the Google Workspace.


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