But what about migrating from another provider?

Below you’ll see the phases we’ve outlined. These are the phases in which we will integrate Google Workspace into your business.

Phase 1: Core IT

In this phase, members of your IT team start using Google Workspace. This gives your IT team the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Google Workspace and plan the next two phases. Your IT team begins receiving their mail in Gmail,but no migration of legacy data occurs.

Phase 2: Early Adopters

Between 5–10% of your company begins using Google Workspace. These Early Adopters are a cross section of your company that includes representatives of as many roles and office locations as possible. During this phase, you may begin migrating data from your legacy system, which includes:

  • User accounts
  • Mail
  • Calendar data

The purpose of this phase is for you to perform a full Google Workspace transition for a comparatively small number of users. With the exception of a few services that you don’t enable until the final phase, the Google Workspace experience for your Early Adopters is complete.

Phase 3: Global Go-Live

This is what you’ve been waiting for—the day when all your users begin using Google Workspace. On that day, we’ll execute the plans that have been laid down in previous phases, such as using Google Guides to support users during their first days on Google Workspace. As your users become more familiar with Google Workspace, they’ll become more productive and begin to take advantage of all the benefits of their new web-based tools.

The above is indicative of a large scale deployment, in smaller deployments many of these steps and phases can be combined or left out completely for a more timeous result.

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