Ifunanya Okolie

Administrative Coordinator

location iconLagos - Nigeria

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About Me

Ifunanya bridges the worlds of information management, project management, and problem-solving to champion operational efficiency and strategic expansion. Her multifaceted role includes everything from onboarding new talent and managing global logistics to forging strong relationships with international vendors.

Her past experiences in software development, marketing, and communications fortifies her role at Deimos. The versatility from these disciplines allows her to foster a vibrant team culture and drive productivity. In addition, her recent certifications in project management further reflects her passion for leading varied teams.

Mindfulness is a guiding star in her personal and professional life. By integrating practices such as bicycling, running, yoga, meditation, and reading into her daily routine, Ifunanya strives to cultivate a mindful workspace, which she sees as vital for success.

Away from the desk, Ifunanya volunteers in initiatives centred on intentional living and cultivating experiences that envision a kinder, more compassionate and creative place. In essence, her pursuits in mindfulness, continual learning, and community involvement converge into a singular mission: to foster efficiency, strategic growth, and intentional living in every endeavour.


Core Engineering Skills

  • Information Management and System Development
  • Project Management: Proficient in overseeing, planning, and executing projects to meet objectives within set parameters.
  • Liaison and Logistics: Skilful management of operations and coordination between different parties, both locally and internationally.
  • Onboarding and Team Support
  • Vendor Negotiation and Management
  • Finance tools: Familiarity with ApprovalMax, Xero, and Dext for financial management and tracking.
  • Software Development and Web Management: Competence in managing and developing digital platforms using WordPress, HTML, and CSS.
  • Digital Marketing and Communications: Proficiency in content development, social media campaigns, and Mailchimp for targeted communications.


  • Information and Project Management: Merging the domains of data management and project execution to ensure smooth and effective workflows.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining and optimising processes to promote productivity and growth.
  • Onboarding, Training and Team Support
  • Global Logistics Management: Expertise in the orchestration of international operations, ensuring timely delivery and coordination.
  • Vendor and Partner Relations
  • Team Collaboration and Support


  • McKinsey & Company Forward Program

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