Cloud Cost Optimisation

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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Prioritizing cloud spending is one of the most important responsibilities of FinOps.

Our dedicated team of cloud economists and cloud architects provides the customers with a comprehensive solution and recommendations required for different decision-makers in any organization. Even a widely known advantage of cloud computing is a reduction in cost, companies often find themselves with an ever-increasing cloud bill, without seeing any clear benefits.

At Deimos, we focus on delivering solutions that are cost-effective and built on well-known cloud patterns.

You can thus lean on us to identify areas where better alignment to well-architected solutions can reduce your cost while increasing your system’s performance and stability, and your team’s flexibility.

Systems change over time, this is where our highly skilled Site Reliability Engineers come in, maintaining and supporting all services while reviewing settings that impact cloud spend.


How we do it best

Our approach starts with the design phase, making sure we adhere to architecture principles defined in the Google Cloud Architecture Framework.

Optimising your cloud spend often starts with identifying wasteful spending. This requires us to analyze your various cloud workloads to ensure they are right-sized, appropriately configured and using the right tool for the job.

The best results are often realised by ensuring you are following cloud-native patterns when implementing a solution. At Deimos, we are particularly fond of containerization.

Our automated usage reports will help you stay on top of your ever increasing cloud costs.


What you can expect from us

Our cloud cost optimisation engagement will yield you a Cloud Cost Optimization Report.

As part of the Cloud Cost Optimization Report you will receive very clear and detailed information related to each of your projects including a full resource cost breakdown, areas of misconfiguration and clear steps to improve your cost effectiveness.

Don’t worry, we don’t just throw the documents at you. We believe in effective communication and collaboration, we will thus ensure you have a full understanding of the report through a series of workshops where our Site Reliability Engineers will explain each of our findings to you in detail.

If we are your preferred Google Cloud Partner, then we are able to provide you with automated reports to help you keep on top of your cloud cost.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Deimos was born with it’s head in the cloud. We thus have first hand experience of the pain of growing cloud costs.

But don’t despair, we have managed to find patterns that are now helping many businesses keep their cloud cost in control and we are happy to share these with you.

Not only will our team be able to assist you with reducing your cloud costs, but we are able to help unlock the full potential of your cloud.

Through constant and clear collaboration, we will help your team develop the skills to not only maintain your cost, but also to design cloud-native architectures that decrease your cost of business instead of increasing it.


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