Why choose Deimos as a Google Partner?

Here are the 5 reasons as to why we’re your best choice for a partner!

Support & Advice

As your partner we are available to you to answer any questions about Google’s offering and ultimately to help you with your cloud native strategy, including adopting a hybrid solution, and leveraging your data using Google’s data tools. Our advice as your Google Partner carries no cost. If there is a piece of work that we can assist with, we will present you with a proposal and the engagement will be regulated by a separate service agreement.


Benefits of our partnership and managing your billing via Deimos’ billing console are:

  • We have better payment terms than Google direct! You’ll have up to 25 days to pay your Google bill (instead of paying your cloud spend immediately with your credit card as you’re doing now).
  • No added markup on Google’s price list.
  • No administrative fees for these billing services.

Deimos is merely a billing conduit, so Google invoices us, we invoice you and we pay Google when we receive your payment. It simply gives us better oversight of your usage through our console and allows us to give you better payment terms than what you have currently with Google.


Your cloud usage/spend will be visible to our team on the billing console, so we will help you monitor your cloud spend for anomalies, and to set up alerts and budgets so that we can help you to actively manage and improve your cloud spend.


As your partner, we have a direct line to Google, and we will help you to identify opportunities to qualify for discounts, and to motivate for funding to contribute to the development/improvement of aspects of your cloud infrastructure. Once we have a better understanding of your infrastructure, we will dedicate a session to identifying opportunities for discounts and funding.


We can order and deploy any other Google products like Google Workspace, Cloud Identity, etc. for you, as well as help you to motivate for discounts on these products too.

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