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Services Rendered

"Deimos was the most incredible partner."

Company Profile

Arc is the lead shopper agency within the Publicis Groupe, with a focus on intelligent, data-driven marketing. Arc South Africa was founded in 2004 with the goal to integrate retail, digital and customer relationship management (CRM) communications and now employs 70 people.

Services we Provided

We migrated their on-premise services to GKE and set up a continuous deployment pipeline using Gitlab CI/CD.


All of their apps and services are now running in GKE and have moved away from their on-premise VMs.

“When faced with the monumental challenge of a full consolidation and rebuild of our infrastructure, Deimos was the most incredible partner. With pure focus and professionalism on the task at hand, they assisted our engineers to migrate our systems over to GCP, reduce costs and gave us the toolset that allowed us to scale easily and service our clients better than ever.”

– Garth Forbes, Data Practice Head, Arc.

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