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"Their knowledge and expertise were critical."

Company Profile

ESET focuses on developing and delivering software solutions that deliver instant, comprehensive protection against computer security threats in an evolving environment. Their products currently protect over 110 million users worldwide, across more than 200 countries and territories.


ESET had a challenge with managing their on-premise networks. Technical issues included out of date operating systems and Kubernetes versions, issues with pipelines and LVM disk integrity and degrading network performance due to previous upgrades not being performed optimally.

This led them to migrate their workloads to the cloud and pushed their on-premise environment to the side, which accrued more costs as their cloud workloads were not yet optimised.

How we Helped

After a lot of network debugging, we uncovered many bugs we were able to fix. We undertook automation of Xen hypervisor setups and configurations with Ansible. This was followed by setting up pipeline configurations to GITLAB from newly provisioned instances and migration of on-cloud workloads to on-premise networks. We also discovered and found fixes for a particularly difficult ruby thread jobs bug.


ESET’s cloud bill saw a significant cost reduction. And, thanks to our work, pipeline speeds which were taking upwards of 15 minutes were reduced by 30-40% across different deployments.

“Deimos has been highly instrumental in assisting us in a DevOps capacity with our migration to GKE/GCP. Their knowledge and expertise were critical in helping us achieve both our on-premise and GCP-based infrastructure goals.”

– Adrian Stanford, Strategic Projects Analyst, Eset.

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