Cloud Native Architecture, Consulting & Engineering

Rely on our proven ability to deliver world-class engineering following cloud-native design princples.

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Cloud Native Architecture, Consulting & Engineering

At Deimos we pride ourselves in doing all things Cloud-First. Our expertise does not stop at the operational aspects. Our team is well versed in building software following cloud-first architectures. We call it Cloud-Native Engineering.

With years of experience building robust, scalable, secure and maintainable systems using Cloud Native principals, from hosted services to serverless architectures, we are more than qualified to help your team on their journey to deploying software into the cloud.


Our take on engineering

Whether you are interested in expanding your time by hiring from a pool of experienced engineers or looking for experts to help verify your idea and architecture, Deimos will be able to help. Our team of engineers is available to start contributing to the project, or just to help guide the team.

At Deimos, we engage in ways that ensure that your team is able to own the solution end-to-end, without Deimos. We do this by ensuring your team is part of the journey and that knowledge is shared for all to consume.

Cloud-Native is more than just the adoption of new technologies. It is a mind shift. A way of thinking and architecting solutions. A philosophical approach to deploying software into the cloud in a way where you take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Deimos was built on a Cloud-Native foundation. Our engineers are experienced and focussed on designing, developing and maintaining cloud-first architectures; taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

Our engineers are here to help you on your cloud-native journey; whether you are looking to augment your team with a set of subject matter experts, or looking to outsource the development of a critical software component. We’ve got you covered.


How we can help you

Let us work alongside your team to help them gain first-hand experience designing and building cloud-native solutions or outsource the full development lifecycle to a team of experts at Deimos.

Either way, we will ensure that your team is consulted, informed and educated on the solution in the making.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Deimos was born with its head in the cloud. Our very first project as a company was a cloud-migration. Now, many years later, we have just further engrained ourselves into all things cloud.

All our solutions are designed to be cloud-first and cutting-edge. We focus not only on a single aspect of the architecture, but ensure that security, reliability, maintainability and observability is built into all solutions.

We treat security as a first-class citizen. Ensuring security best practices are implemented in all aspects of the solution

No matter how you choose to engage with us, we will also aim for collaboration. We believe in educating, training and mentoring all team members, whether they are our own, or our clients’.

Our team is made up of individuals with years of experience with highly scalable, distributed systems, built and deployed using Cloud-Native patterns and principles.


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