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About Me

Jaco Nel is Chief Technology Officer at Deimos. In this role, Jaco is responsible for overseeing the development and cross-functional delivery of Deimos’ software portfolio for Deimos and its clients, providing technical guidance and leadership to engineering teams and top management, implementing best practice engineering methods, and examining new trends and technologies.

Before leading the Deimos team as CTO in 2020, Jaco served as Director of Engineering for Deimos in 2019, overseeing all of the engineering activities within the specific department to align them with the established policies and objectives of the organization.

Before joining Deimos in 2019, he held the role of Head of Engineering for the Payments domain at iflix, an emerging video streaming platform. Jaco’s flair for leadership comes naturally, as demonstrated in his numerous leadership roles in the software engineering and operation space.

Jaco comes loaded with experience in developing scalable software systems in emerging markets. He has built his career around designing, implementing, and managing scalable software systems and infrastructure, specifically as part of a multicultural and multi-regional agile team.

As a passionate leader, Jaco consistently seeks to improve the systems we work on, himself, and his team.


Core Engineering Skills

  • NodeJS
  • C#
  • Java
  • Kubernetes
  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Cloud Native Transformation
  • Application Modernisation


  • Strong foundation in software
  • Cloud and infrastructure architecture


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