Strengthen Your Organisation’s Security with JumpCloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data and securing access to systems and applications is crucial for organisations. Traditional password-based authe...

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In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data and securing access to systems and applications is crucial for organisations. Traditional password-based authentication is no longer enough to combat evolving cyber threats – you need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) . 

As a trusted partner of JumpCloud, Deimos is here to shed light on the power of JumpCloud and how it fortifies security for your organisation.

Why MFA Matters

Passwords can be compromised or stolen, leaving your organisation vulnerable to unauthorised access. MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide multiple factors of authentication, significantly bolstering your defence against threats. JumpCloud combines something users know (password), something they have (mobile device or token), and sometimes something they are (biometrics) to verify their identity.

The Benefits of JumpCloud MFA

  1. Enhanced Security: At Deimos, we prioritise security. JumpCloud MFA significantly strengthens security by demanding multiple factors for authentication, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access and safeguarding sensitive data. Even if passwords are compromised, attackers would still need the additional factor(s) to gain entry.
  2. User-Friendly Experience: JumpCloud offers various authentication methods, such as mobile push notifications, one-time passcodes, hardware tokens, or biometrics. Users can choose the method that suits them best, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly authentication experience.
  3. Compliance Compliance Compliance: Regulatory frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS mandate strong authentication measures. JumpCloud enables organisations to effortlessly meet these compliance requirements, demonstrating a commitment to data protection and ensuring peace of mind.
  4. Granular Access Controls: JumpCloud can be tailored to specific applications, systems, or user groups, allowing organisations to enforce MFA where it matters most. This granular control empowers organisations to strike the right balance between security and usability, aligning with their unique requirements.
  5. Centralised Management: With JumpCloud’s cloud-based platform, Deimos provides centralised management of MFA policies and user access controls. Administrators can easily configure and enforce MFA requirements across the organisation, streamlining security policy management.

Implementation and Best Practices

Implementing JumpCloud is a straightforward process that involves enabling MFA for users and selecting the desired authentication methods. Consider the following best practices:

  1. User Education: Deimos emphasises the importance of user education. We provide clear instructions and guidance on setting up and using the different authentication methods, ensuring a seamless user onboarding experience.
  2. Phased Rollout: To minimise disruptions, Deimos recommends implementing MFA in phases, starting with high-risk applications or user groups. This approach ensures smoother implementation and user adoption.
  3. Administrator Access: Safeguard privileged access by enforcing MFA for all administrative accounts. This measure protects critical systems and data from unauthorised access.
  4. Regular Reviews: Deimos encourages periodic review and assessment of MFA policies to align with evolving security requirements and organisational needs. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of authentication methods and adjusting policies accordingly.


Partnering with Deimos to implement JumpCloud MFA empowers your organisation with robust security measures. By integrating JumpCloud MFA, you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access, fortify data protection, and seamlessly meet compliance requirements. 

Ready to take your organisation’s security to the next level? Click here to explore JumpCloud’s powerful Multi-Factor Authentication solution.

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