Cloud-Native Site Reliability Engineering

Designing, building and operating Cloud-Native infrastructure the Right Way

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Cloud-Native Site Reliability Engineering

A cloud native mindset joined with site reliability engineering practices with a devops culture is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your application and environments meet the performance standards you set.

Deploying your application in the cloud is only one part of the equation. Without the deep knowledge of each of the components and features offered by your cloud provider and the know-how on design and implementation, your application will just be hosted in the cloud, not a cloud native application. Our high performing cloud native site reliability engineering team will ensure that your systems are designed for scalability, security and performance by following cloud-first design principles.


How we remain the reliable engineers

Cloud-native Mentality

With a cloud-first mentality and strict adherence to the Google Well Architected Framework, you can rest assured that your workloads will take full advantage of all the services offered to you by your cloud provider.

No working in isolation

Not only do we design, deploy and maintain your applications but we take you along on the journey. It is our goal to empower you and your team, give you that boost when you need it, not to hold you back and rely on the Deimos Site Reliability Engineering team to maintain your system. Built on a strong culture of knowledge sharing, we believe in education, clients and our engineers.

Best practice is key

You can rest assured that we will educate your team on best practices and principles for a successful cloud-native implementation.


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We’re the best fit for your business

We’re client focused

A holistic approach with a client focused mindset powered by collaboration drives success.

Dedication to security

Our certified engineers are dedicated to not only design and deploy the system you need but include security, infrastructure and observability best practices so that you end up with the system you need.

A proven track record

Our Site Reliability Engineering team has a proven track record with the design, deployment and securing of cloud-native workloads. They specialize in containerisation and the deployment of containers onto Kubernetes.

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