Continuous Delivery

Beat your competitors to market by relying on the latest industry standards and practices to empower your team release often and risk free.

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a way of building software that allows you to release it to production at any time. No more scheduled release cycles. Release it when it is ready.

A rich, robust and automated pipeline helps you build trust in your software. Increased trust means increased less deployment pain and quicker releases. This in turn decreases time to market for new applications and versions, thus decreasing your time to value.

A Continuous Delivery pipeline can address your Quality Assurance, Security and Performance concerns in a fully automated fashion. This will allow your team to work on adding more features and not manually testing your application. At Deimos, we embrace the shift left culture. We make sure that we enable performance testing, static code analysis, security testing for all deployments in all environments. It is better to find your bugs in your Development or Staging environment than let your end-users find them in Production.


How we do it best

Culture and automation is key here. You want to build and deploy continuously. This could be 5 times a day or 50 times a day. Without automation users would play a huge part in this process and humans are prone to mistakes and don’t work 24 hours a day.

Powered by automation, Deimos embraces the shift left culture. Security is one of the major focus points when designing and implementing a modern continuous delivery system. Be it static code analysis, images scanning or even secret management, these are baked in from the start so that the finished product is secure from day one and not the ‘next version’. Along with automation and testing we use everything as code, especially Infrastructure as Code. We treat infrastructure as code, all changes are submitted, reviewed, tracked and versioned.


How we can help you

Our culture drives inclusion and understanding the problems before going into solution mode. This means we don’t just deploy systems because it is cool or the latest tech and the same goes for the continuous delivery platforms we design and deploy. Each system we design and deploy caters for the unique requirements of each client. Our platform caters for the uniqueness of your application stack, your branching strategies. Once we understand your business requirements the rest is up to us. Implementation of security and automated testing, deployment strategies that allow for Canary or Blue/Green deployments along with automated rollbacks based on actual performance metrics in conjunction with your applications SLI and SLOs.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Let us provide you a solution tailored to your requirements while including industry standards that not only secure your workloads but also improve the quality of your applications.

We execute our solution in a collaborative effort every step of the way. By including the customer during the process, we foster a relationship of trust and learning. This allows the customer to own the solution at the end and not be reliant on Deimos as a service provider.

Collaboration also gives us the added benefit of helping you transform your culture and instill a mindset of continuous delivery in your teams.


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