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Infrastructure Assessment

Your cloud infrastructure serves as the foundation for your products and by doing so, serves as the foundation for your business.

The cloud offers a daunting amount of features, many of which can either save you money or deplete your budget. These features enable you to have scalable workloads, improved time to market, advanced disaster recovery, security and overall operational excellence. However, when implemented wrong, it can be disastrous to your business.

The Deimos Cloud Infrastructure Assessment was developed to help businesses identify key improvements in their infrastructure, allowing them to fully utilise everything the cloud has to offer.

The assessment is performed by our industry-leading cloud architects and engineers. Our engineers and architects will assess your application workloads and all the infrastructure required to support your application. Following cloud-native industry standards and best practices, we will not only examine what has been deployed but how it has been deployed as well.


How we can help you

During the assessment, the Deimos Architects and Engineers will strive to get to understand your applications, processes and pain points. Once we have that understanding we start our Infrastructure audit. This audit covers key areas as outlined in the Google Cloud Architecture Framework.

By understanding your application and business requirements we identify certain system design improvements that can be implemented on the application and or the infrastructure side.

Next we make sure that the applications and supporting infrastructure are configured and monitored to improve the operational excellence of your product and supporting processes.

Your data is your data and should be secure. We assess your security, privacy and compliance requirements against the active configurations.

We then look at how your system handles failure, excessive load and if needed improve scalability and fault tolerance of your system to improve reliability.

The cloud is fantastic as it reduces the need for CAPEX and works on the OPEX model. Cost optimization investigations are completed against your infrastructure as well as your application configurations. In most cases, while auditing the infrastructure for cost optimization improvements we run side by side performance optimization investigations as performance is very important to the end-user experience and both performance and costs should be considered together and not in isolation.

The Deimos Infrastructure Assessment generally takes 2 weeks, although this is highly dependent on the scale of the system and the availability of the client engineers.


What you can expect from us

A key deliverable of the Infrastructure Assessment is a detailed report highlighting not only areas of improvement but also celebrating good decisions.

The report will not just be thrown over the wall and left up to your interpretation. We believe in close collaboration and thus will ensure effective workshops are run to ensure all your stakeholders have a great understanding of the information made available in the report.

The Infrastructure Assessment does not stop with the report and review. You now have the opportunity to continue working with Deimos in varying capacities. The report generated will provide you with actionable information that you can use to implement the changes in-house. Should you wish for Deimos to implement the suggested changes we provide you with a detailed project plan including costs and timelines for the selected items of work.


What we need from you

We can not do this on our own. Collaboration is key. We’ll thus need access to your team, infrastructure and documentation.

A signed NDA is put in place to put both parties at ease, all of your confidential information and intellectual property will remain confidential. We will need access to your engineering teams, key engineers who hold the keys and secrets to your infrastructure and understand the current pain points. This access is often in the form of a few workshop sessions. Open and clear communication channels where requests, suggestions and comments can be made.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Not only is Deimos a premium Google Cloud Partner, but our company was also born with it’s head in the cloud.

Our engineers have been meticulously selected, trained and coached in all aspects of cloud engineering. Who better to ask to review and improve your infrastructure than an elite team of Cloud-First engineers?


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