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Product Ideation

Building products that solve next generation problems requires a technical team with a lot of experience and improvement.
The purpose of product ideation is to flesh out ideas more and determine what is needed to build the product.

With our strong technical expertise and experience, we are a great fit for teams looking to build groundbreaking architecture solutions. We work closely with your teams to translate your vision and ideas into world class solutions that allow you to scale and innovate rapidly. We work with you in determining the ideal solution to these challenges.

Our unique collaborative approach to product ideation at Deimos means that the problem is kept in mind at all times as we work iteratively to find the best solutions with you.


What you’ll see from us

Our product ideation process focussed on delivering you with everything you need to start building. This includes story maps, a lightweight (agile) product definition document and a foundational architecture document outlining the architectural principals and approach.

Our Product Ideation pack will outline our recommendations and all identified risks.


What we need from you

Collaboration is a key dependency for a successful Product Ideation.

To ensure success, we require close collaboration and dedicated time with the product owners, stakeholders and sponsors. Without these individuals, we will be unable to gain the context needed to guide you and your team.

An initial product debrief goes a long way.

Having an initial project requirements/scope cements our understanding of the problem space early on in the process. This allows us to enter conversations with a foundational understanding already, thus improving the effectiveness of all engagements.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Collaboration is at the core of Deimos’s success. In everything we do, we always push for close collaboration. Not only does this set us up for success, but it also allows us to ensure our clients do not build a complete reliance on our team. It is important to use that your team understands all decisions made and are able to move your business forward without needing constant input from our team.

Deimos always focuses on delivering value. Delivering value to your team is of utmost importance to Deimos. We are here to help.

Our team has years of experience designing, building and maintaining high-scale, user-friendly platforms following cloud-first architectural principles.


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