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Cloud-native support engineering

When it comes to supporting your business applications, you need to ask yourself how do you restore your service when it fails. That’s correct, it is not a case of ‘if’ it fails but ‘when’ it fails.

The function of a Cloud Native Support Engineering team is not only to support and monitor your software and infrastructure but also to handle your Incident Management and Escalation processes. Unplanned outages can directly affect your revenue and your brand, an effective Cloud Natives Support Engineering team will not only reduce the time it takes to restore your services but also improve the time in between outages.


The method to our support

Cloud-native Mindset

When you adopt a cloud-native mindset you are setting yourself up for success. You compromise less by being able to fully utilize all cloud resource offerings, especially when you take advantage of cloud managed services that enable you to support the process and not the underlying platforms. Flexibility is key, bring your own process or adopt ours, the choice is yours.

Google Cloud Platform Certified

Not only do our Google Cloud Platform Certified engineers support applications and infrastructure, they also deploy, maintain and design applications and infrastructure following the best practices as set out in the Google Cloud Architecture Framework.

Collaboration at the core

We believe in collaboration. We embark on a journey with the client, not only understanding the client’s pain points and needs but also working together to empower the client so that they are not beholden to us.


Services we can help you with

A tailored solution

Based on the back of our flexible Service Level Agreements and fully customizable customer service request portals we can offer you a tailored solution. Utilizing the automated Incident Management process you will gain access to our certified cloud engineers and architects depending on the severity of your incident.

Built-in status updates

Communication is important, especially when it comes to Incident management, that is why we have communication and stakeholder status updates built-in.

Painstakingly detailed data reports

Data-driven decisions are smart decisions, that is why our Incident Management process will provide you with a plethora of data ranging from incident reports detailing the root cause of the issue all the way uptime calculations and mean time to resolution.


We’re the best fit for your business

A holistic approach with a client-focused mindset powered by collaboration drives success. Our certified engineers are dedicated to not only designing and deploying the system you need but include security, infrastructure and observability best practices so that you end up with a system that is reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective.

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