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Securing assets in the cloud, starts with putting security first in everything we do.

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Cloud Security

Being proactive

Being proactive, and preventing security incidents from happening, and not reactively responding to security incidents after they occur, is the approach Deimos takes towards securing your assets in the cloud.

Protection and security

Our clients rely on cloud technologies to run their businesses at scale, we aim to protect and secure their most important assets in the cloud. With systems shifting towards cloud hosting in order to better scale, the need for Cloud Security has become an integral part of these systems, in order to protect both the infrastructure and data that keeps your business running.

Security at the core of the cloud

Previously, traditional systems would rely on lengthy security audit processes at the end of the development lifecycle in order to verify that what was built is secure enough to go to market. With the move to cloud technology, this process of securing systems has been incorporated into the development lifecycle from beginning to its completion. Instead of planned audits and assessments, a system’s security posture is taken into account during:

  • every design choice
  • every code change
  • every deployment

This ensures that there is an ongoing practice of maintaining and ensuring the system follows security best practices and standards. This is called shifting-left on security and is a foundational concept in Deimos’ security offerings.


Here’s how we keep you secure in the cloud

At Deimos, we treat security as a first-class citizen in everything we build, taking into consideration that everything we do has to be done with security in mind. By using battle-tested, cloud-native technologies that have matured over time and gained extensive support, Deimos positions itself to be a domain expert in hosting and maintaining well-secured systems in the cloud.

Our team is:

  • always keeping up to date with both the latest innovations and standards in the cloud security space
  • ensuring that we are always offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients, and providing services that put security at the forefront
  • ensure that complex systems can evolve over time, without any compromises and trade-offs on security

How do we achieve this?

Security First

Make no trade-offs and concessions when it comes to security, always putting security first in everything we do.

Being at the Forefront in Cloud

We work with your team closely to understand requirements – ensuring we have great insight into the work with your team closely to understand requirements – ensuring we have great insight into what your needs are and tailor solutions accordingly with those in mind. We also work with you to adapt your way of working with ours to ensure we both get fulfilment. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals with a multitude of skills that span over hosting and securing scalable distributed systems within a microservices paradigm.nt from the engagement with as little friction as your needs are and tailor solutions accordingly with those in mind. We also work with you to adapt your way of working with ours to ensure we both get fulfillment from the engagement with as little friction as possible.

Continuous collaboration in all aspects of tech

Our engineers are certified Google Cloud Architects with a lot of experience architecting, developing, and maintaining high-volume, distributed cloud-native microservice systems. We believe and actively foster a high performing, a collaborative and mentoring culture where we educate, train and mentor all team members, whether they belong to Deimos or the client.

Delivering value

Delivering value is key, and delivering value by means of always improving the security posture of our client’s systems is our prime objective.

Educate and mentor

We always empower our Deimos team, as well as other engineering teams to gain the capability of designing and maintaining secure systems.


We do not work in isolation, and include the client in everything we do, to ensure we deliver value not only in our outputs but educating teams by means of involving them in every step of the journey.


We’re the best fit for your business

We’re client focused

A holistic approach with a client-focused mindset powered by collaboration drives success.

Dedication to security

Our certified engineers are dedicated to securing your systems and embedding security best practices into your team and processes. We put your security needs first.

Shift-left on security

Not only do you have access to cloud engineering knowledge and expertise from individuals with extensive security experience, but we collaborate closely with your team to ensure they understand all decisions made, as well as the technologies, techniques and patterns we choose to implement, thus shifting-left on security.

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