Cloud Security Architecture and Consulting

Embed security into all aspects of your organisation; whether it be networking, containerisation, infrastructure or software engineering.

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Cloud Security Architecture and Consulting

At Deimos, we believe Security should be a first-class citizen in all aspects of engineering. We thus put security first in everything we do.

With extensive experience in security cloud-native workloads, our team is ready to help you embed security into all aspects of your organisation; whether it be networking, containerisation, infrastructure or software engineering.


How we assess your security

Our engagements at Deimos are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you require our expert opinion on the current security matter or need a longer-term engagement, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of engineers are often found working hand-in-hand with our client teams via the usage of a retainer to not only find security threats but to deal with them effectively.

However, not all teams require a long term engagement, which is great. Sometimes they just need a little nudge. For this, we offer consultation sessions and even security assessments.


How we can help you

At Deimos, we offer a multitude of architecture and consulting services to our clients covering all aspects of cloud security

Reviewing Current Security Posture

Knowing your current security posture allows for actioning critical fixes and initiatives to improve the overall cloud security of your system. It’s a good starting point to determine what is currently in place, and pinpoint the areas of security that are needing short-term and long-term attention so that you can further approach security in an organized and tailored approach to your needs.

Applying Security to CI/CD Pipelines

Automating security practices is one way to apply efficiency and build a proactive approach to securing systems. By implementing the controls to always scan and verify any software going out into your deployed environments, you can pick up critical vulnerabilities in underlying vendor software or images used as the runtime for your applications.

Shifting-left on Security

At Deimos, we believe that security needs to start at the very beginning of the software development lifecycle, whereby emphasis is placed on bringing in awareness and upskilling of engineers so that teams can identify potential vulnerabilities in code and design before it is shipped to production. Building on the foundation that every step of the development process, from code review, deployment of software, and testing should encompass security.

Application Security

By reviewing and giving recommendations to the application design and engineering process, we can collaborate with clients to improve application security and put the necessary practices in place to allow for detection and remediation of any vulnerabilities found.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security involves applying industry-standard controls that when followed and executed, can allow for cloud infrastructure to be managed and maintained in a secure manner by only allowing access on a need-be basis, and limiting access to a minimum of what is required to allow for the necessary business functions. Deimos Site Reliability Engineers specialize in building cloud-native infrastructures to run applications at scale and apply the necessary controls in that infrastructure that protects those running applications and cloud resources.

Our team are experienced with the deploying and configuring secure Google Cloud infrastructure, using the full suite of Google security products and tools; Cloud Security Command Center Premium, Cloud Security Scanner, Cloud Audit Logs, Cloud Data Loss Prevention, Shielded VMs, Cloud HSM, Cloud Key Management Service, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Identity, Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, Resource Manager, Chronicle, Assured Workloads, and more.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

At Deimos, we believe that security is a first-class citizen in all aspects of software engineering. We thus include security in everything we do. Whether it is optimising cloud cost or building a completely new platform.

We believe there is an unimaginable value to be gained from collaboration and education, even more so when it comes to Cloud Security. Deimos does not work in isolation, instead, we collaborate closely with the client’s team to ensure they understand all our decisions, the technologies, techniques and patterns we choose to implement.


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