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With all the talk of Cloud Native, scaling, automation and microservice architectures you will quickly realize that all of this comes at a price.

Management overheads of monitoring, scaling, balancing these hundreds and thousands of microservices quickly becomes an administrative nightmare.

Amidst this nightmare, container orchestration was born. Since then, Kubernetes has risen to the top of the orchestration pile and has consistently dominated the competition to the point where Kubernetes and Orchestration are synonymous.

Kubernetes is a foundational component to most, if not all, cloud-native architectures we design and deploy. Our engineers have extensive knowledge on designing, deploying and maintaining advanced Kubernetes infrastructure.


How we think out of the container

Embrace the process

Kubernetes is a tool and as such, can be used incorrectly. The implementation of a tool should not have any bearing on the tool’s usefulness. While Deimos embraces the Cloud Native tool space, we too embrace the processes that are entwined with all things cloud native.

People over process over tools

There is a saying “People over Process over Tools”. Here at Deimos, that rings true. Our engineers live and breathe the Cloud Native ecosystem. Their cloud-first mentality is one of many factors that make them stand out from the crowd. Strengthening that we add in processes and principal that enhance the cloud native environments but mixing in automation, security, complete observability along with industry defined best practices.

The right tool for the job

The final piece of the puzzle is the tool. We pick the right tool for the job, no preference or bias. Tools are chosen purely on how well they compliment the principles laid out in the Google Well Architected Framework guide.


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Kubernetes is the cornerstone of many of our client projects. Our Kubernetes certified engineering team pushes the boundaries with every project, constantly improving our processes and implementations. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’ we strive for perfection and always ask “What’s next? How can we further improve our architecture?”.


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