Kubernetes on Google

Kubernetes and Google go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let us help you deploy a best-practice architecture utilising Google Kubernetes Engine in mere days.

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Kubernetes on Google

Kubernetes is the industry leader in container workload management and orchestration. Born in the data centers at Google, Kubernetes has simplified the microservice management process to the point where Kubernetes and Containers are synonymous. As Kubernetes helps you with your Orchestration and Management needs, you do however need to make sure that your Kubernetes cluster itself meets all the industry standards and is maintained appropriately.

Deimos offers our clients a well-designed and built Google Kubernetes Engine. Let us take care of the configuration, deployment and securing of your Google Kubernetes Engine.

We can give you Kubernetes in days, instead of months.


How we can help you

At Deimos, we have the knowledge, experience and toolsets to get you from virtual machines to best practice Kubernetes in days, instead of months.

Our team has years of experiencing deploying Kubernetes using infrastructure-as-code and GitOps. To us, it’s just another walk in the park.

Our Google Kubernetes Engine offering includes everything you need to run production workloads in Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform. It includes full infrastructure-as-code (including GitOps) and end-to-end observability with Prometheus and Grafana.

We’ll even help your team migrate your workloads to containers and ultimately into Google Kubernetes Engine.


How we do it best

When it comes to Kubernetes, Deimos starts where the tutorial ends.

All our Google Kubernetes Engines are built completely using infrastructure-as-code, with Terraform and ArgoCD being our tools of choice.

We will configure, deploy and secure your Google Kubernetes Engine for you.

Let us help you and your team migrate over to Google Kubernetes Engine in days, instead of years.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Kubernetes is the cornerstone of many of our client projects. Our Kubernetes certified engineering team pushes the boundaries with every project, constantly improving our processes and implementations. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’ we strive for perfection

All our infrastructure is designed with security, operational excellence, observability and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Finally, we believe in coaching. We do not want you to be locked into Deimos for life, thus, we do everything in our abilities to ensure we take your team along for the ride. We ensure that your team understands the architecture and how to maintain it at all times.


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