Kubernetes Assessment

Our Kubernetes assessment will give you confidence in your infrastructure design and decisions.

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Kubernetes Assessment

Kubernetes is the industry leader in container workload management and orchestration. Born in the data centers at Google, Kubernetes has simplified the microservice management process to the point where Kubernetes and Containers are synonymous.

As Kubernetes helps you with your workload orchestration and management needs, you do however need to make sure that your Kubernetes cluster itself meets all the industry standards and requirements.

The Deimos Kubernetes assessment will tackle all aspects of your Kubernetes deployment. This assessment will cover all aspects of the Google Cloud Architecture Framework.


What you can expect from us

Our Kubernetes Assessments yields a report, but to us, that is not the primary deliverable. Our engineers strive to help your team understand each aspect of the report through interactive workshops. During these workshops, we explain each item in detail, educating your team on the reasons for each recommendation and the risks involved.

The Kubernetes Assessment does not stop with the report and review. You now have the opportunity to continue working with Deimos in varying capacities. The report generated will provide you with actionable information that you can use to implement the changes in-house. Should you wish for Deimos to implement the suggested changes we provide you with a detailed project plan including costs and timelines for the selected items of work.


How we do it best

Our engineers at Deimos seek one thing above all else, understanding. We do not run random tests and suggest changes based purely on industry standards. No, we consider the client. What are the clients needs, restrictions and the application stack that Kubernetes is supporting.

We do not perform our work in isolation, we involve the client as much as possible. We take the client along with us during the discovery process. After the discovery process, several of our engineers will work together analysing the data while formulating a detailed client report.

Our team will take the client through the report and review all potential action items. It is important to us that you have a good understanding of our findings and recommendations. If you are able to execute these on your own, then it means we have provided you with value.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Kubernetes is the cornerstone of many of our client projects. Our Kubernetes certified engineering team pushes the boundaries with every project, constantly improving our processes and implementations. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’ we strive for perfection and always ask “what’s next? | What if?”.

We like to think that we start where the tutorial ends; always focussing on the difficult parts, always focussing on pushing the envelope.


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