Infrastructure Modernisation

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Infrastructure Modernisation

The cloud enables infrastructure to evolve as fast as your software. It is important to understand the benefits and features of the ever-evolving infrastructure.

Not only do these new features aid in bolstering your security offering or performance improvements to new physical locations in regions to improve your user experience. Infrastructure as a service powered by automation and Infrastructure as Code enables your infrastructure to grow with your application stack and not hold it back.


How we can help you

One of the emerging practices in the cloud-native technology space is Site Reliability Engineering. One of the key responsibilities of an SRE is reliability. Reliability heavily depends on the Infrastructure.

Our Architects and Site Reliability Engineers are well equipped to guide you on your Infrastructure evolution. You might be moving towards containerization or require container orchestration, our team can guide you every step of the way.

We can even identify if containers are even right for your workloads, perhaps they would perform better in a serverless environment and reduce management complexity while reducing costs.


How we do it best

Our approach is backed by understanding, a solid understanding of the client’s requirements, business and application requirements. Once we understand we start our deep dive into the infrastructure and the applications. The infrastructure needs to complement the application stacks required.

We prefer a collaborative approach, working with our clients each step of the way. Our goal is to empower the client, be it through technical workshops, demonstrations and training. At the end of the engagement, we are proud when the client can not only run and maintain their new environment but also continue the evolution process.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Deimos was born with its head in the cloud. This means we design all our solutions to be cloud-first, with security treated as a first-class citizen and operation excellence always being in our targets.

Our stable of world-class engineers are here to help you move from that old rusty on-premise infrastructure to shiny-new, yet cost-effective, cloud-native infrastructure.


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