Deimos’ Internship Programme: Empowering African Women in Tech

Deimos’ Internship Programme empowers African women in tech through a transformative six-month journey. The Internship offers comprehensive training in IT engineering, ...

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Deimos’ Internship Programme empowers African women in tech through a transformative six-month journey. The Internship offers comprehensive training in IT engineering, project management, and professional development. With hands-on experience and a focus on cutting-edge practices, Deimos is bridging the gender gap and fostering inclusivity in the African tech ecosystem.

Deimos’ Internship Programme

At Deimos, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a belief in the power of diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry. As staunch supporters of She Code Africa (SCA) and its mission to uplift African women in tech, we have developed a transformative internship program to further support these women in becoming leaders in their field. 

By focusing on African women and their empowerment, Deimos addresses the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry and fosters an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality. This forward-thinking approach is not only beneficial for the interns but also for Deimos as it taps into a diverse talent pool, leading to innovation and fresh perspectives.

Meet The New Deimos Interns:

After an intensive bootcamp through the SheCode Africa initiative, where we witnessed an exceptional level of talent, we faced the tough decision of selecting the top candidates for our Internship programme. However, the talent pool was so outstanding that we ultimately chose five interns instead of the planned four.

Favour Daniel“I am excited about the prospect of working on challenging projects, contributing to the development of robust and efficient systems, and learning from a talented team of professionals.” Favour Daniel

Mary Mbaoma

“I hope to hone my skills by working on projects that have a real impact, networking with my colleagues and learning about other aspects of successfully running a business.” Mary Mbaoma

Dooshima GbamwuanAs one who is a cloud enthusiast, this internship will carve a career path for me equipping me with hands-on skills and experience from industry experts.” Dooshima Gbamwuan 

Kenechukwu Ojiteli“Through this internship experience, I hope to gain more practical skills by applying theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting and get exposure to the professional environment and industry practices.” Kenechukwu Ojiteli

Siphokazi Dolo“I hope to be exposed to industry-standard practices and methodologies, connect and gain valuable practical skills that can pave the way for a successful career” Siphokazi Dolo

About Our Internship Programme:

Our carefully structured six-month internship program spans six months, guiding interns through a comprehensive learning journey. The initial month focuses on onboarding, certification initiation, and a refresher course covering fundamental IT engineering concepts. Interns actively participate in client meetings and SRE Agile ceremonies, gaining an immersive understanding of Deimos’ work culture. Subsequent months delve into containerisation techniques, CI/CD practices, observability stacks, and everything-as-code principles. The final month centres around an internship project and presentation, providing interns with an opportunity to showcase their acquired skills and accomplishments. 

Here’s what students can expect when joining our internship programme:

1. Practical Skills and Workplace Exposure

Interns at Deimos have the privilege of acquiring practical skills and gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools, industry principles, and best practices. Deimos’ internship program is thoughtfully designed to expose interns to the dynamic work environment of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). By collaborating with seasoned professionals and working on real-life systems, interns expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and establish a solid foundation for a successful career in the tech industry.

2. Greater Knowledge of the Field and Filling in the Gaps

At Deimos, we empower our interns to enhance their knowledge in the field and bridge any gaps in their skills. We provide the necessary resources and support for interns to refresh existing knowledge or explore unfamiliar technologies. By gaining valuable insights into the practical applications of SRE and DevOps principles, interns are well-prepared to effectively tackle real-world challenges.

3. Real-Life Work and Assessments

Throughout the internship program, Deimos places great emphasis on providing interns with exposure to real-life work scenarios. Each intern is paired with experienced engineers who serve as mentors, enabling interns to contribute to actual projects and gain invaluable practical experience. Furthermore, Deimos integrates assessments and presentations throughout the program, allowing interns to track their progress and receive constructive feedback. This iterative process fosters continuous learning, personal development, and professional growth.

4. Possible Job Offers and Certification

At Deimos, talent recognition is a top priority. Graduates from the SheCode Africa initiative who successfully complete the internship program have the potential chance to secure potential job offers at Deimos. The dedication and hard work demonstrated by these interns are highly regarded and can lead to a permanent position within the company. Moreover, Deimos encourages interns to pursue relevant certifications, offering an opportunity to validate their expertise and showcase their commitment to continuous professional growth.

Deimos serves as a catalyst for growth, learning, and self-improvement, fostering an environment that encourages interns to become exceptional engineers. By joining the Deimos internship program through the SheCode Africa initiative, interns gain access to a supportive and inclusive ecosystem that nurtures their development. Deimos offers a wide range of resources, workshops, and certifications to further facilitate interns’ growth, ensuring that they have all the necessary tools to become outstanding engineers including.

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