The Deimos Internship Programme Opens for 2022 (April to September)

The purpose of the Deimos software engineering internship programme is to help entry-level engineers gain a solid footing in technology with a focus on t-shaped engineers.

Ifunanya Okolie
Ifunanya Okolie

Administrative Coordinator

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The purpose of the Deimos software engineering internship programme is to help entry-level engineers gain a solid footing in technology with a focus on t-shaped engineers.

The internship is open to individuals who are available for a full-time programme from April 04 to September 30 2022. We are going to be keeping you busy so we need your undivided attention throughout the journey!

The Deimos internship program allows individuals the opportunity to dive deeper into the realms of Software Engineering. Throughout the programme, selected candidates will have hands-on experience working with the latest software. At the end of the internship programme, interns will be given an opportunity to contribute to client project work in line with the expectations of a junior level engineer.



We will use the first month for onboarding and a look at some of the fundamentals of Software Engineering and theory (OOP, SOLID Principles, Git and some refreshers)


We will dive deep into the programming languages we use daily at Deimos. This includes JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS(NestJS), DotNetCore and the related frameworks.


We will focus on databases, design patterns, the Cloud and certifications.

MONTHS 4 – 6

In months 4 to 6, the interns will have practical experience on Deimos Projects. We will use this time for studies, certifications and hands-on work on projects with the rest of the Deimos Team.

The Internship Selection Process

  1. Screening Assessment
    You will see an external link to a screening test at the bottom of the description on the job portal. The test is only for 10 minutes, and it seeks to get a sense of your proficiency in critical thinking. You must complete this test before clicking on ‘Apply for this Job‘ on the job portal. 
  2. Online Application Form (Apply for This Job)
    Once you’ve completed the screening test, click on ‘Apply for this Job’ on the job portal to fill in information about you. This part is your chance to share a bit about yourself and tell us why you’re interested in interning at Deimos. Use the same email address you used in the screening assessment to complete your application. 
  3. Interviews/ Communications
    We will contact you for an interview to discuss your reasoning process in the assessment. We’ll also meet you to understand if your values align with ours.
  4. Offer Letter
    We will send an offer letter to you, which will include your salary, work benefits, and start and end dates.
  5. Onboarding
    Onboarding starts once you accept our offer to intern with us. Your managers, copilots and the admin team will reach out to you to provide a brief overview of your team. The admin team will send you your starter kit, which will include a laptop and cool Deimos stuff.

Who is the potential Deimos Intern?

We are looking for potential Martians to join our spaceship, and you need to be someone who

  • Knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Has a super inquisitive mind (probably broke your dad’s radio a few times to find out who was speaking)
  • Loves to solve problems and sees opportunities
  • Takes initiative with the mindset that anything is possible
  • Respects diversity and understands the power of heterogeneity
  • Communicates effectively both in writing and speaking (we are 100% remote)
  • Knows how to perform the basic engineering tasks

If that was a good description of you, what are you waiting for? Please, click here to apply.

Applications close at 10:00 AM (WAT) on March 07 2022.

All the best, and get ready for the rocket blast off!

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