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August marks Women’s Month in South Africa, where we pay tribute to the progress made by women, not only in South Africa, but worldwide towards gender equality and women empo...

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August marks Women’s Month in South Africa, where we pay tribute to the progress made by women, not only in South Africa, but worldwide towards gender equality and women empowerment. 

As a cloud technology company within the Tech industry, we are proud of the strides that have been made in our industry by both women and men to advance women in Tech. We acknowledge there is still more work that needs to be done in this space, and we have a responsibility to create opportunities for women, especially within Africa. 

As we reflect on this topic, we would like to use this time to talk about women in Tech and celebrate the incredible women at Deimos! 

So what have we been doing to promote women in Tech?

We are proud supporters and sponsors of SheCodeAfrica, a non-profit organization focused on celebrating and empowering young Girls and Women in Technology across Africa. Our employees have dedicated time to mentoring and ensuring that women partaking in the Site Reliability Engineering Bootcamp get the support they need to successfully complete the program. Four ladies recently joined Deimos as Site Reliability Engineering interns after completing the SCA Bootcamp program and have been smashing it!

There is a lot more that we can do in this space to support the youth of Africa and encourage young women to pursue a career within the ever-growing technology industry. We are just getting started!

How do we create an environment that is more inclusive for women?

We care deeply for all our employees and ensure that our culture enables a remote working environment where everyone feels included and can be their best unique self at work. Our fully remote and flexible work policies allow for a more diverse workforce by breaking barriers for those who had difficulties participating in the workforce before due to their location or family responsibilities. 

Working from home and having more control over your day creates more space and flexibility for moms and dads to do school runs and spend more time with family. Furthermore, our paid maternity leave options provide women more flexibility on how they structure their time away from work when having a newborn and everything else to juggle! 

The female representation on our executive team from Nigeria and South Africa is also something we value because it provides a good balance of perspectives from men and women within the technology space. We hope to see this representation increase and see women lead this space as we continue to grow as a company.

In closing, our vision is to be the “leading cloud-native technology company in Africa.” 

To succeed, we need women in leadership to enable our success. We have an exceptional group of women within Deimos who play a key role in our success every day, and we salute each and everyone for their leadership and expertise. 

To all the ladies out there, live your passion, find your voice, take up space and let your true self be known. Support and lean on one another, it is our responsibility to empower one another and keep promoting each other within the industry.

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