The Deimos Internship Programme – Welcome 2021 Deimos Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) interns!

We are proud supporters and sponsors of SheCode Africa. Are we bragging? Yes! SheCode Africa have just completed a rigorous SRE Bootcamp at its #SCAcloudSchool, that gave asp...

Sarah Stanford
Sarah Stanford

Head of Administration

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We are proud supporters and sponsors of SheCode Africa. Are we bragging? Yes! SheCode Africa have just completed a rigorous SRE Bootcamp at its #SCAcloudSchool, that gave aspiring female engineers a chance to dive deeper into the realms of Site Reliability Engineering. And we were with them every step of the way. Our dedicated Deimos Mentors ensured that the SCA mentees stayed on track and imparted knowledge wherever they could, holding weekly meetings and giving feedback on projects and tasks throughout the intensive 3 month program.

By partnering with SheCode Africa, Deimos continues to support developers from around the world #SCAxDeimos. We are excited to take on 4 successful candidates from the SCA Bootcamp to join our SRE internship program that will run over the next 6 months. As we welcome our incoming interns, we are working hard to provide a rewarding and meaningful learning experience for them.

The goals of this internship programme are:

  1. Provide practical skills: This will give the interns hands-on experience with the tools, principles, and best practices. 
  2. Provide workplace experience: This will help the interns learn to work in a team.
  3. Provide deep knowledge of the field: This will help the interns understand what SRE and DevOps are about and apply them to real life.
  4. Filling in the gaps: The interns will be able to refresh things that they’ve already forgotten about and learn new technologies that they’ve never worked with.
  5. Possible job offer: Deimos is always hiring new talent.

The SRE team will begin the onboarding for the internship by orienting them to Deimos life and also exposing them to real-life systems, by buddying up with SRE Co-Pilots. The interns will have a checklist of all the required activities they need to complete during the programme, which will require them to complete tasks and present findings. This is a simulation of real-life client proposals. The activities will be split over a 6 month period and cover a deeper dive into Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/ CD and real-life client work, observability, and client systems.

At Deimos, we encourage you to grow, learn and push the envelope. Alongside the hands-on experience that the interns will receive, we will also encourage and support them to prepare for and write relevant certifications. This is knowledge that they can gain and take with them throughout their entire SRE career. 

Welcome to our incoming interns. Thank you for your hard work, grit, bravery, and creativity. We hope you enjoy your experience with us and make use of all the resources that are available to you. Let’s build the next generation of engineering expertise together.

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